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Automated Order Taking Line

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Customer Profile - Best Pet Tags

Best Pet Tags is a mail order seller of quality, personalized dog and cat identification tags in a variety of shapes and metals.

Business Challenge

Best Pet Tags receives dozens of requests per day for their products. Given the customized nature of their products, accuracy is absolutely necessary. Orders must be complete and exactly as the customer specifies. Multiple calls need to be handled at one time and order taking should be available 24/7.


Diamond Voice Messaging worked with Best Pet Tags to create a Order Taking script containing clear and concise questions designed to capture exactly the information required to fill the order.

The script is comprised of a series of questions including Customer shipping and payment information as well as product details.

Once the call is completed, the recording is stored as a high quality, small foot-print WMA file which can be played on any Windows PC and all major Audio players. (MP3 is also available if required)

Online Call logs provide a real-time record of calls including date/time, duration and number of the caller.


  • Best Pet Tags has increased the quality of customer service by clearly and accurately capturing orders in high quality recordings in near-real time.
  • Multiple callers can place orders at the same time.
  • Orders are taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Order processing is streamlined with a consistent, easy to use order taking system.
  • Quality of data collected has improved.
  • Record keeping and call tracking is simplified.

Services used:

  • Toll Free Service
  • Question and Answer Mailbox
  • Web Access and Annotation
  • Email Confirmation Delivery

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For more information about Best Pet Tags, call 812-952-3200 or visit the Web site at

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