Enterprise IVR Auto Attendant

Highly Scalable Auto Attendant, Managed for Maximum Reliability and Flexibility.

World Class Features and Support

Hosted IVR telephone numbers for immediate activation anywhere in the US or bring your own.

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Flexible and Expandable

Enterprise Office IVR includes any combination of the following options:*

Main Menu

Initial Greeting and Main Option Menu

Transfer Mailbox

Transfer calls to any phone number.

Greeting-Only Box

Broadcast a message.

Name Directory

Lookup employees by first or last name.

Day/Night Main Menu

Have a greeting and main menu for Day time and a different for Night.

Question & Answer Mailbox

Like a regular Voicemail box, the Q & A mailbox plays a greeting and records the caller's response. But the Q&A Mailbox can play multiple questions in sequence and accept audio or touchtone input from the caller.

All the responses are stored in a database and can be retrieved over the web or by phone. This makes the Q & A Mailbox a great choice for data collection, whether opinion surveys or product orders.

Routing Menus and Sub Menus

Design a multi-level menu.

Personal Extension Voice Mailboxes

Voicemail for every employee, both in the office or off premise. Assign virtual mailboxes for remote offices or outside associates.

Department Extension Mailbox

Assign mailboxes for groups and departments such as Sales or Support.

Fax On Demand Box

Store and forward documents and forms as fax on request.

Caller Hold Queue

Allows a caller to hold if the transfer to number is busy. Each queue is one caller. For more callers on hold, add more queues.

Interactive Voice Response Box

IVR Data Field Lookups**

Fax to Email

A dedicated number for receiving faxes as PDF

DID Direct Inward Dial Telephone Number

Dedicated telephone numbers that ring directly to departments or individuals.

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