Crystal Clear Voice Mail Messages

From message taking and forwarding to automated transcription, Diamond Voice delivers quality and clarity

Tollfree 800 voice mail

800 Voicemail

  • Unlimited Message Capacity
  • High Call Volume
  • National Coverage


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Speech to Text STT

Speech To Text

  • Read Your Voice Mail
  • Automated Transcription
  • Immediate Delivery


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Virtual Local voice mail service telephon numbers

Local Voicemail

  • Local in All Markets
  • Sized to Fit
  • Fast Activation


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Crystal Clear Business Voice Mail Options

  • Unlimited Storage Means No Missed Messages from Your Customers

    Nothing is worse to a new customer than calling your phone line and hearing “This voicemail box is full and cannot take any more messages. Please call back later.”

    You will lose business. The same thing will happen if you don’t have a business voice mail box with cascading notification so ALL voicemails have the opportunity to be returned. We believe no voicemail should fall through the cracks.

  • Local or National Voice Mail

    Depending on your business, we have both national and local business voicemail options. For national outreach, choose an 800 number prospects can call into and leave a message. A toll free number is great for national companies with high call volume.

    For a smaller business, you’ll want a more personal presence with a local business voice mail number. For customers who enjoy working with small businesses, a local number lets them know they will be personally taken care of.

  • Speech to Text Voicemail Saves Your Team Time

    The benefits aren’t just for your customers. Your employees and partners can benefit as well. With our speech to text service, business voicemails can be transcribed into written form and sent to your email or cell phone.

    Your time is more valuable than ever. Instead of listening to dozens of voice mails, quickly skim through the relevant points and get back to business.

  • Choose the Voicemail That Fits You

    The best part is you can choose which option or combination of options are best for your unique business.

    Which business voicemail features which you like to learn more about?

    If one of these options looks to be a great fit, give us a call to get more information. More calls are going to voice mail than ever before. Check to make sure your business voicemail isn’t losing customers.

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