IVR Telephone Surveys

Automated Telephone Surveys

Collect vital information from employees and customers with automated telephone surveys.

Employees feel much more at ease giving feedback through an automated system than in direct communication. Customers feel you care about them when they receive follow-up calls after they’ve bought your product or service.

IVR surveys are an inexpensive, automated option to gather quick feedback without spending any additional time on the phone. We’ve found customers and employees enjoy the process as it is fast and direct.

How Does an Automated IVR Phone Survey Work?

IVR Surveys are built around a set of questions determined by you and your data collection requirements.

  • Touchtone reponses write data directly to a database
  • Spoken responses create audio files saved as WMA or MP3
  • Survey responses immediately accessible from secure web portal
  • Professionally Scripted and Recorded

  • Combine with Pay By Phone* to provide point of sale credit card or ACH (pay by check) processing.
  • Add Out Bound Dialer* to support public opinion polling or payment reminder calls.

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Sample Script

  • Intro: "Hello, you have reached the Customer Experience Survey system."
  • Question 1: "Please rate your experience with our company on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is poor and 5 is outstanding.”
  • Question 2: "To be entered in a drawing for a free prize, please enter your 10 digit telephone number.”
  • Question 3: "At the tone, please tell us any comments or suggestions you would like to make."
  • When the caller is finished, they can receive a confirmation number: "Your confirmation number is ........"

Survey Features

Completion Notification Email

Know as soon as a survey is completed.

Real Time Reports

See Survey response records as soon as the caller completes a survey.

Dedicated 8xx or Local number

Get a dedicated number or bring your own.

Single or Multiple Questions

Use one or more questions to customize your call flow script.

Open Ended Audio Recording

A limit can be set for short responses or an unlimited time allowed. Typically even unlimited is set to 10-20 minutes to prevent abuse.

Multiple Languages

Surveys can be configured in more than one language. The caller selects their choice. Results are flagged as to which language.

Survey Confirmation Number

Optionally, each caller can be provided a confirmation number when they complete the survey.

Audio Stored as WMA or MP3

Audio responses playback in standard formats

Immediate web access to record

Survey responses are available as soon as the call is completed.

API Integration Support

API Integration is available for automated retrieval of results. Records are stored in an SQL database and accessible by web or a custom GET/POST** integration.

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Professional Design and Voice Over

IVR Voice Over

We work with you to design a script and call flow. Each question is customized to accept either audio recording or touch-tone. You can use one of our sample scripts or modify it to meet your requirements. Then, your script is brought to life by our professional voice-over artists.

Data Storage and Retrieval

Cloud Data IVR

Survey data is stored on our secure and PCI compliant network. You can retrieve the data from a convenient web interface or by custom integration with our API. Touch tone responses are stored as SQL records and audio responses are stored as WMA or MP3 files.

Routing Flexibility

Call Routing

Once the survey is complete, the caller can be routed to other options such as Transfer to live agent

Security and Redundancy

Cloud Security

Diamond Voice maintains PCI compliant systems and networks using state of the art intrusion protection and 3rd party monitoring. All systems including data, telephone circuits and electrical system are securely backed up and redundant for maximum up-time and relability.

*Additional programming and setup cost


Svc Level Setup Monthly Per Minute
Hosted IVR Survey From $99.00 From $19.95 As low as 2 cents

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