Pay By Phone Features and Benefits

Touch Tone Payment Features

Functions and Features of Automated Payment Processing

There are many components involved in accepting payments by phone with an IVR system. It can be complicated to the extent that many small businesses, like yours, feel it is less confusing to just do it all manually.

We've un-complicated it.

You call us and we set up everything! Your customers can then call in even when your office is closed to make a Touch Tone IVR payment on account or IVR purchase transaction.

Plans and Pricing

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Pay By Phone Features

Additional Touch Tone Payment Features and Benefits

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Am-Ex
Supports ACH
Supports Real-time Payments
Local and Remote Database integration
Edit Sales Records

Records can be edited from the web to add comments

Caller ID Capture

Automatic capture of Caller ID with each call record

Transcription for Audio files*

Live Transcription available for orders

 *May require other services and additional costs.

Reverse Look-up of Address*

 *May require other services and additional costs.

Concatenated Audio Responses

Separate Audio responses can be combined together with questions to create a single recording.

 *May require other services and additional costs.

Fully Customizable CC-IVR POS Terminals
Real-time Online Credit Card Processing*

Can be combined with Credit Card processing to create real-time order processing.

 *May require other services and additional costs.

Automated Credit Card Validation
Immediate Decline Notification

Pay By Phone tells the caller if their transaction has been accepted or declined

Single Payment Transactions

All charges for each call are combined into a single transaction submitted to the gateway for processing

Authorization Only Transactions

Pay By Phone supports obtaining an authorization prior to billing the account

Combined Billing & Voice Authorization

Voice Record/Authorize and Billing within a Single Call

Combine TPV and payment into one call rather than separate processes.

Multiple Payments per Call

Make Multiple Payments within a Single Call

TPV Proof of Purchase

Use Third Party Verification recordings as Proof of Purchase

Questions? Call: 888-293-1550

Pay By Phone works with your existing credit card merchant account.

Need a Merchant Account?

If you need a Merchant Account, set up is fast and simple.

Ready to get started?

Go to our Pricing page to find which of the three Pay By Phone options is best for your business.

*May require other services and additional costs.

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