IVR Data Collection

Crystal Clear Data Collection

From Order Processing and Surveys to Touch Tone Payments Diamond Voice delivers accuracy and quality

Touch tone payment order processing

Order Processing

  • Touch Tone Payment IVR
  • Product Shopping Cart IVR
  • Fulfillment Integration IVR

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IVR Survey

IVR Surveys

  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • In or Outbound Survey

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Touch Tone Data collection

Touch Tone Data

  • Event Sign Up IVR
  • 'Do Not Call' Registration
  • Order Confirmation IVR

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IVR Data Collection

Capture the information you need without the man hours using automated touch tone data collection

  • What is IVR?

    IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. When you call a company and you are immediately answered by an automated message, you’ve interacted with an IVR.

    IVR is more cost-efficient than paying employees to answer the phone. It is much more reliable and acceptable than outsourcing your call center overseas. An IVR call center allows you to automate (meaning you don’t lift a finger) every call and handle simple customer requests or direct the caller to the right team member.

  • What can IVR do for your business?

    • Automated Order Processing
    • Collect Survey Data
    • Receive payments 24/7
    • Event Registration
    • Send out automated messages and reminders
    • Touch tone payments
    • Account Balance
    • Order Status

  • IVR Call Centers

    IVR call centers give customers an option to retrieve information, make payments, or purchase your products and services 24 hours a day. Team members will only need to join a call for more pressing customer needs.

  • So what is IVR really?

    It’s a faster way to get paid and save you money on employee costs. Diamond Voice continues to be a leading expert in IVR with accurate, award winning service. You can start today.


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