Custom Information Lines

From Audio Event Lines, Balance Retrieval and Order Status to Professional Voiceover, Diamond Voice delivers creative and cost effective IVR solutions.

Information IVR Event line

Audio Information

  • Event Line
  • Weather Closings
  • Rotating Announcements


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Touch tone IVR Data Retrieval

Data Retrieval

  • Account Balance
  • Order Status
  • Remote Database Access


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Professional IVR Voice Over

Voice Over

  • Script Writing
  • Professional Voice Talent
  • Multi Language


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Crystal Clear IVR Data

Access to a telephone is still far more widespread and reliable than the internet. Providing your customers with access to audio information or data retrieval by phone provides them with the maximum support and flexibility - around the clock.

  • Deliver Information Quickly and Easily

    Beyond standard call routing and voicemail for your office and team, hosted IVR can be customized to deliver audio information such as weather updates and event schedules. Specific or generalized database information like account balance or event registration can be retrieved or updated by the caller. Cloud based IVR systems provide the most efficient phone ordering with the minimum effort at the best cost.

  • Access Data From Any Phone Anywhere

    Your callers’ data can be retrieved over the phone directly from your database with remote integration or uploaded to our secure servers. Diamond Voice Cloud IVR can integrate with all standard data formats. Get your callers request in real time with updates sent through email or API connections to deliver order and payment processing transactions directly into your database and workflow.

  • Reliable Reporting

    You can only improve what you can measure. Real time feed-back from caller activity in your IVR system is critical to growing your business and improving your customer satisfaction. Web based reports of data collected by the IVR system can be customized to filter, display and download information collected from callers making IVR data retrieval easy.

  • Don’t go it alone!

    Let us help you bring your application to life with custom scriptwriting and best practices for audio IVR applications. You can benefit from our decades of experience to save money and time. Our vast library of off-the-shelf solutions can tweaked to do exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost of building from scratch. Your IVR information line will sound world class with professional voiceover talent. Multiple languages are supported to expand the reach of your IVR.


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