IVR Solutions

Crystal Clear Hosted IVR Solutions

From Basic Office Auto Attendant & Voicemail to Interactive Touch Tone Payments and Surveys, Diamond Voice Hosted IVR Delivers Quality and Clarity.

Cloud IVR

Office Cloud IVR

  • Enterprise Auto Attendant
  • Business Voicemail
  • Local Telephone Numbers

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Outbound dialing IVR Solutions

Out Bound IVR

  • Event Notification
  • Automated Collections
  • Reminder Calls

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Hosted IVR data collection

Data Collection IVR

  • Order Processing
  • Touch Tone Payments
  • Surveys

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Interactive Voice Response

Custom IVR

  • Remote Data Access
  • API Integration
  • Audio Information Lines

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Cloud IVR

Hosted IVR Solutions for Small to Medium Size Business

  • What is IVR?

    IVR, also known as Interactive Voice Response, is the techie name for the automated phone systems that route your calls any time you call a big company. It’s a catch-all name that includes other functions like automated attendant, voicemail and touch tone data collection.

    Hosted IVR combines the power of an enterprise class system with the ease of use you would find in a SOHO service. You may need one or two features that typically come only on a high end IVR, so why buy the whole system? Diamond Voice Cloud-based IVR provides just the capabilities you need.

  • Sound Big on a Budget with Cloud IVR

    Large corporations spent a lot of money on computer hardware and software to connect to their phone systems in order to have the capabilities of IVR. This tremendously improved call routing, connecting customers with agents quicker and more efficiently. Now, with Hosted IVR or Cloud based IVR, any size company can have all the benefits of IVR.

    Instead of spending thousands of dollars on the equipment and thousands more to install and configure it, you can simply subscribe to monthly service with the precise IVR solution that you need. Only pay for what you use, but have access to sophisticated call routing just like the big companies.

  • Flexible IVR Solutions

    The basic building blocks of IVR are Call Routing, Call Transfer, Voice Mail and Touch Tone input. With these simple pieces, we can create custom IVR solutions such as:

    - Virtual Auto Attendant for in-house and remote workers
    - Account Look Up and Survey applications for Customer support
    - Order Processing and Payment solutions for 24/7 Sales
    - Out Bound Calling for Collection or Group Reminder calls

  • No Experience Required

    An IVR system can be daunting to set up with obscure terminology and complicated call scripts; but you don’t have to learn any of that to get the benefits of hosted IVR.

    Our Sales and Support engineers have done it all before, hundreds of times, and we will use industry best practices to configure a simple and efficient IVR solution that meets your current requirements and can scale to handle future capacity.

    Need changes? You can use our easy-to-navigate web platform, or just call us. We’ll be your telephone and IVR support department!


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