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The Cause of Compassion

Business with Purpose

More Than a Living

In these contemporary times, people share a strong desire to make a difference in the world. To do more than just work to provide for our own needs, but to spend some of our time and resources in the benefit of others less fortunate and unable to help themselves.

Employees and customers both want more than just a paycheck or a product. Business owners and stockholders want more than profits or dividends. We all want a sense of purpose that gives a deeper meaning to the work we perform or the purchases we make.

Together We Can Do More

Lofty ideals and earnest concern for others can only affect change in the world when one person chooses to give of their own livelihood to further the cause of compassion. The action of the individual is where it begins.

But when many individuals join together to purposely offer what they have, together with others of like mind, amazing goals can be accomplished.


Diamond Voice was founded with a goal to foster compassion and give a helping hand to those around us – to try and make our corner of the world better.

To this end, Diamond Voice designates a percentage of profits to local, regional and national charities with the following focus:

  • Support and housing of abandoned and pregnant women
  • Recovery programs for those trapped by addiction
  • Outreach to inner city homeless and mentally ill
  • Campus based programs to help college students dedicate their life to helping others

You Help Us Help Others

While our primary goal is to meet the needs of our customers with excellent telecommunication services, it is through success in serving our customers that we are able to contribute to serving our community and world.

Thank you, our customers, for participating in these goals with us!

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