Local DID, Real 800 and Toll-Free

Virtual Telephone Numbers

With Local DID, Toll Free or Real 800 telephone numbers, Diamond Voice Delivers Direct Access

Virtual local telephone numbers


  • Continental US
  • International Available
  • Bring Your Own Number
Call 888-293-1550
Toll free 800 telephone numbers

Toll Free

  • Same Day Activation
  • Get a New Number
  • Bring Your Own Number
Call 888-293-1550
Vanity toll free number

Vanity Tollfree

  • Easy to Remember
  • Real 800
  • Nationwide Search

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Crystal Clear Phone Numbers

Local numbers in all markets to Toll-free 800 numbers, Diamond Voice provides a Local and National presence.

Whether you need a toll-free line or Local number, Diamond Voice can quickly activate your virtual telephone number.

We understand each business has different telephone needs. Some receive regular customer service calls and orders on the phone, others have more outbound calls for sales, and still others may simply use the phone for discussing issues with current clients.

Each business needs a virtual telephone number. We figure out what type of number would best serve your needs and connect them to your Diamond Voice phone system.

We hold a selection of numbers for immediate use in our database system. Plus, we also have access to the national database of available numbers if you want a more personalized vanity 800 number.

Dedicated virtual phone numbers deliver direct access for your customers and employees. We take care of all the setup to help you to get the virtual telephone numbers that are best for your business.

What type of virtual number are you looking for right now?

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