Cloud Phone Features

VoIP Features & Functions

Manage communications and advanced call features right from the web!

Cloud Phone service provides a cost-effective alternative to a PBX or a key legacy phone system. With high speed broadband access, Diamond Voice can provision individual business lines with the features of your choice.

Combine Cloud Phone service with IVR features and you have everything you need to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Call Blocking and Find Me Follow Me

Cloud Phone Call Routing

Block unwanted callers and control the times when other calls are permitted. Special Routing options include time of day and day of week. You can even create a list of friends that are never blocked from calling you.Give special clients priority access straight to your phone! Enable Find Me Follow Me Call Forwarding to stay in touch in or out of the office.

Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous Ring Group

With Simultaneous Ring Service, you can direct your incoming calls to automatically ring up to six different phones (your office phone, your home phone, and any mobile phone, for example) depending on where you will be at different times during the day. Simultaneous Ring Service guarantees that you won't miss important calls.

Transfer Take Back

Cell Phone Transfer Take Back

Transfer Take back enables you to transfer in progress calls from your mobile phone to another extension or to your personal mobile phone (or from your mobile phone to your office phone) simply by entering a star code into your phone during the conversation.

Web Control Panel

Cloud Phone Web Portal

Our new Web Portal makes it easy to access and control features such as Unified Messaging and Call Routing. Web Portal also allows you to view your call logs, listen to Call Recordings and forward Voicemail. This is a great record keeping tool for businesses.

Unlimited Long Distance

Cloud Phone service leverages the power of the cloud to offer unlimited domestic calling in the US.* Control your monthly costs with a flat rate service.

Integrated IVR & Voicemail

Included with our Cloud Phone service is the Diamond Voice IVR and Voicemail service you know and trust. Seamless integration merges all your communication and call routing options into one platform.

Works with Your Existing Telephone Equipment

Enterprise IP Phone

In order to minimize upgrade costs, any analog office phones you might have can be reused with a special adaptor, and we can provide new IP phones too.

Included Technical Support

Cloud Phone VoIP Tech Support

With hosted Cloud Phone, we provide all of your technical assistance, and we add or remove lines and features according to your workforce requirements. We also ensure that our service remains up to date with the very latest features to enable your business to operate with maximum efficiency.

Questions? Call: 888-293-1550

Cloud Phone Service Capabilities

Auto Attendant IVR

Professionally answer incoming calls with flexible call routing options. Professional voice talent available for moderate cost.

Call Recording*

Monitor calls, train new employees or document verbal contracts.

*May require additional charge

Extension Dialing & Transfers

Transfer callers anywhere in the system- to another employee, the operator or an outside number with supervised or blind transfer.

Time of Day Mode

Holidays, After Hours or Day/Night modes On demand or on schedule change the greeting callers hear and routing options available.

Music & Message on Hold

Custom Message On Hold Use the default music or provide your own script to have Professionally recorded messages heard by callers.

Ring Groups

Automatically distribute incoming calls to a group of extensions. Calls ring department or sales groups.

Call Waiting

Allow callers to reach you even when you are on the phone. Alternate between parties as needed.

Fax To Email with Dedicated Number*

Receive faxes in your email automatically to a personal, dedicated fax number. Faxes are delivered as .PDF files.

*May require additional charge

Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to another extension or external phone number.

Find Me Follow Me

Never miss an important call! Create a list of phone numbers where you can be reached such as desk, home, or cell. Set one as the default. Calls not answered at the default number transfer the other numbers. If no answer, call is routed to voicemail.

Unified Inbox

Voice, Fax and Email in one inbox. Listen to or read Voicemail messages, view faxes and check email at the same time.

Call Parking

Park a caller on a dedicated extension while you use your phone to make another internal or external call, or page another employee to pick up the call. A parked call can be picked up by any extension within the organization.

Name Directory

A Dial By Name Company Directory allows your callers to look up an employee. The Dial-by-name directory can work with the first or last name of the employee.

3-Way Calling

Add a third person to your phone conversation.

Call Queuing - ACD

Employees or agents log into an ACD queue group so they can answer calls for a specific department. Incoming calls are routed into the appropriate queue, and the calls are distributed to the agents logged into that queue.

Department Mailboxes

General Mailbox for each department such as Sales or Accouting. Messages are then distributed to one or more employees.

Personal Voice Mailboxes

Every employee has their own voice mailbox even if they do not have a phone.

Caller ID Display

Name and number of incoming caller appears on display.

Web Portal Interface

Easy system configuration with a graphical, web-based tool, accessible from any web browser. Administrators have complete access to oversee, change, and monitor all system functions. Includes real-time usage and call reports.

Do Not Disturb

Calls are automatically be forwarded to voicemail.

Call Logs

Complete record of all your inbound and outbound calls and faxes. View the number or extension dialed, the time, date and duration of the call.

IP and SoftPhone Compatible

Works with all IP phones and most standard softphones

The Small Business Anywhere Solution

Make your communications as flexible as your business using VoIP for calls

  • Build Your Image

    As a small business owner, you wear many hats and need to be in many places all at once. Create the professional persona of a full-fledged business without bringing on more employees

    Are you still using a standard phone system in your business? Are you aware that you could be saving-money every month just by switching to a modern VoIP phone-system??

  • How does VoIP Work?

    The way that VoIP calls work is by using the existing internet connection in your office to make all your local as well as long-distance phone calls. With flat rate pricing for VoIP calls, you don't have to stress over minutes OR bills any longer! Use your cell phone as a mobile VoIP phone and have a business and a personal lines on one phone.

  • Save Money

    Still confused? Consider VoIP like e-mail. You don't pay for each e-mail you send, you just pay for your internet connection. VoIP works the same way, literally an internet phone! So why are you paying for every phone call you make? Upgrade to a VoIP Business Phone System and you can save money every month, as well as receive a much better and more reliable service.

  • Choose Your Phone

    VoIP phones can be simple software-based softphones that turn your cell phone into a mobile VoIP phone or your computer into an internet phone. Purpose-built hardware devices such as an ordinary desk telephone or a cordless phone have been re-engineered to work as IP phones.  Traditional PSTN phones can also be used as VoIP phones with analog telephone adapters (ATA).


Start by looking at the features below that can benefit your growing small business.


Requirements to use Cloud PBX Phone Service
  • Internet Connection

    At least 1 MB Download Speed per user and Ping under 90 ms

Test your Speed and Ping!

  • IP Phone

    Use your existing IP Phone or purchase a pre-programmed IP Phone from us

Grandstream IP Phone

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