Fax Back On Demand

Fax On Demand

Save money on postage with Fax On Demand Delivery 24/7- Connect with customers and prospects more efficiently

What is Fax On Demand?

Fax On Demand, also known as Fax Back and Interactive Fax Response, enhances the service you already offer to your callers. When you receive a request for information, you manually fax or mail out literature. With fax on demand, your prospective customer can request information about your company or products delivered to their fax machine, automatically within minutes, 24 hours a day.

Why offer Fax On Demand Service?

Save Time
  • Your callers get their information immediately without waiting for mail.
  • Your employees spend less time waiting in line at the fax machine.
Save Money
  • Mailing a 4-page brochure can cost as much as $2.50 when you consider postage, printing, envelope and labor.
  • A 4-page fax can be sent for one tenth that cost.

Start Today

How can my business start using Fax On Demand service?

Let us plan your application and recommend the best combination of options. A document box contains one document with up to 10 pages and can be combined with various menus and voicemail boxes to create a complete information center.

If you have a large number of documents or need a more detailed configuration, we can provide you with a Fax On Demand service package which will support 10- 500 documents for a low monthly price.

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Fax On Demand Applications

  • Information Hotlines
  • Special Promotions
  • Sales Literature
  • Price Lists
  • Product Finder
  • Order Forms
  • Advertising Support
  • Dispatch Information
  • Job Classifieds

  • Locator Maps
  • Concert Lines
  • Real Estate Floor Plans
  • On-Line Catalogs
  • Yellow Pages Support
  • Salary Verification
  • Store Finder
  • Membership Rosters
  • Registration Forms

  • Surveys
  • Dealer/Reseller Directories
  • Debit Card Transactions
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Credit/Loan Applications
  • Financial Information
  • Inventory Lists

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