Crystal Clear Fax

Fax To Email or Web To Fax, Local or Toll Free, Diamond Voice Delivers Quality and Reliability

Fax To Email

Fax To Email

  • Delivered as PDF
  • High Capacity
  • Don't Print-Save the Trees!

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Web to Fax

Web Fax

  • Web to Fax
  • Email to Fax
  • Send from PC or Tablet

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Fax On Demand

Fax On Demand

  • Forms On Demand
  • Fax Back
  • 24/7 Delivery

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Fax is Dead, Long Live Fax!

Fax Online, Fax to Email or Internet Fax, Local, or Toll Free. Faxes can be delivered 24 hours a day. No waiting.

Even with the abundance of “paper-less” communication today, many businesses still have and regularly use a fax machine. There is no denying the importance of having fax capability available in the office. But new IP phone lines often do not work well with a legacy fax machine.

Fax any way you want with Diamond Voice – Online, through email or even with your legacy fax machine. Now, you can go beyond the office. You can send an internet fax any time of day.

Diamond Voice offers multiple options including:

Even when you are away from the office, you can send and receive faxes. You can stay ahead of every contract and respond immediately, much to the delight of your customers.

How to send a fax?

- By Email

With Diamond Voice, you can send a fax by simply sending an email with an attachment.

- By Web

Login to any web browser anywhere and send a fax

- On Demand

Callers can request and receive a fax from your IVR system 24/7

- Fax Machine

You can still use your fax machine to send faxes. Diamond Voice provides a specialized fax ATA that reliably sends and receives faxes even over VoIP telephone lines.

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