Call Recording


Crystal Clear Call Recording

From Cell Phone and Business Calls to Third Party Recording, Document Your Calls with Quality and Clarity.

business call recording

Business Line Recording

  • All Calls In or Out
  • Automatically Record Calls
  • Web Storage and Retrieval

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cell phone call recorder

Cell Phone Call Recorder

  • Record Calls You Make
  • Works with Any Cell Phone
  • Keep Your Number

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third party TPV Call Center Recording

TPV Call Center Recording

  • Verbal Contracts
  • Automated Q&A
  • Custom Scripts

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All In One Call Recording Solution

Any location or any phone, record and verify your calls

  • A Call Recorder You Can Always Use

    If you are still trying to use 3rd party software or a traditional phone line to record your phone calls, you are spending too much and doing it less efficiently than you could. Whether you have a call center or keeping records for compliance and quality, a simple, integrated call recording solution will make life easier for you and your employees.

  • Built In Call Center Recording

    The call recorder for business lines is built directly into the Cloud Phone Service and is an automated solution that starts with each inbound and outbound call. Outside software needs to be downloaded on each system rather than being automatically available.

  • Third Party Recording for Verbal Contracts

    Third Party Recording also known as Verbal Contracts or TPV, allows you to make sales and document contracts from both cell phones and desk phones. Recordings are accessible from the web 24/7.

  • Cell Phone Recordings Stored in the Cloud

    Call Recording for Cell Phones works with any cell phone and does not require an app. The recordings are safely stored in the Cloud.

  • Record From Any Location

    With the call recording capabilities of Diamond Voice, you can be in the office, or across the country and still be able to record calls as you need them. Your employees can begin working right away from their desks without extensive training or downloading the right software.

  • Choose Your Phone

    Call Recording is available for whatever phone you use, from wherever you are.

  • Flexible Recording Options

    Discover the different options above: In-office business line recording, out-and-about cell phone recording, or Third Party call recording.


Start by looking at the features above that can benefit your growing small business.

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