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Local Voice Mail Messaging Service

Local virtual telephone number and unlimited capacity!

Get a number for immediate activation anywhere in the US or bring your own.

International local numbers available.

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Unlimited Calls

Unlimited call capacity. So even if you only have one office line, your voicemail service can literally field dozens of calls at the same time!

Read Your Messages with Speech To Text

Automated Transcription converts your messages to text and delivers to your email and smart phone.*

*Additional Charges may apply

Unified Messaging

Delivers voicemail messages as WAV files to your email inbox. With Fax to Email service, your email, voice mail and faxes are accessible from one inbox.

Transfer and Route Calls

Live Call Transfer available with any voice mailbox and will transfer calls to any telephone number*. If you are available, you can take or reject the call. If not, the caller can leave a voicemail message. Call Transfer can be turned on or off right over the phone. Plus, take calls live only when you want with a Transfer schedule.

*Additional Charges may apply

Caller ID Pass Through

With Call Transfer, the Caller ID of the caller is passed through so that you can know who is calling. You can answer the call and accept or reject the transfer. You can also specify an alternate CID to pass. The callers number is automatically attached to the message they leave. With Voice To Email service, the Caller ID is delivered by email along with the audio WAV file of the voicemail message.

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